Father’s Day

So, I was already to share my views on the local housing market. I read an article written by Ron Sitrin, an associate of mine at Long and Foster that appeared in the July issue of Montgomery County Insight. It is worth the read.

Then somebody said……..”What are your plans for Sunday? It is Father’s Day.”

I will be holding and open house. Both of my children are grown. My son and his new wife have just opened their second restaurant in Fort Lauderdale and my daughter is great with my first grandchild. Father’s day no longer includes bad neckties, hand written cards or things purchased by someone else for me. Those days are long gone. They remain fond memories.

Father’s Day is now the one day that I can take a moment to be thankful that I have had the opportunity to be a dad. Every experience from the first burp to walking my daughter down the aisle are memories I cherish. I thought I would not bore you with all the details, but I will share some of them.

Rocking my daughter (colic stricken) throughout her first few months, bouncing her on my knee while I sang the Notre Dame fight song. Crawling through sleep deprived periods at work only to come alive upon arriving home to her gurgling smile.

Watching my 2 year old man-son mimic my professions in our front yard. Tapping my foot impatiently through each day so I could get home and play.

Sitting in the backyard on a cool Autumn night, waiting for meteor showers to rain down upon us. Believing every cry of “I saw one dad, I saw one!”.

Spending time observing my little gymnast spin and twirl through routines and swearing afterward that I had turned my head during the performance as promised.

Loosing the feeling in all my toes while my answer to Wayne Gretzky went through his paces at various local outdoor rinks at 6 in the morning in the dead of winter.

Loading an entire team of flag football players in a step van after games and stopping at the closest 7-11 for slurpees and delighting in the fact that no one cared who won or lost the game.

Enjoying a late night hot fudge sundae with my daughter after picking her up from a party she attended. (Years later, I discovered that she had tried beer for the first time and was feeling more than queasy while I told her to “eat up”. She is still convinced I knew she had been drinking.) Ah, the beauty of being a dad and being oblivious to the world around you. Hell, I loved hot fudge sundaes.

Then came the dreaded teen years, the divorce and becoming the man that destroyed everything. I won’t share the guilt here, but I will share that I don’t believe anyone under 40 understands the impact that all of their behavior has on their children. I was the same dad. I had just turned their world upside down.

We got through that period. Both children discovered that life does have ups and downs but overall it is really ok. These little people were becoming young adults and all of the sudden they could share things they liked with me. We enjoyed music and road trips and pizza.

Music is the web that catches one mid-day and takes them back to a place or time. Music is a thing we shared and more than a few artists bring a tear to my eye today. We had such good times. It was great being the dad.

Then, like little birds, they had wings and were gone much quicker than I expected. One to California and the other to Florida. I was alone. They were starting the grownup phase of their lives and I had the occasional phone call (only if I placed it).

One day, I did receive the call – “Dad, I want to come home. Will you come get me?” I flew to Los Angeles met my daughter, loaded up her car and began the 53 hour journey home. Another wonderful memory. I was dad to the rescue.

Then last year, I sat in the front row and cried when my boy married his bride. We shared a brief embrace that I will hold forever. Later in the year, I walked my daughter down the aisle. We shared the father daughter dance and shared an embrace I will hold forever.

Happy Fathers Day? Thank you for the opportunity. I am the luckiest guy I know.


One thought on “Father’s Day

  1. Agree with you Sir. Fatherhood is probably the greatest gift. Im a father of a five year old son and he is my world.

    Loved reading your very postive writing.

    You are blessed for you have done your duty. I have a long way to go.




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