The last day of April

So, I have been busy. I have been very busy and I am very grateful for the opportunity to practice my trade. Representing buyers and sellers is far more enjoyable than sitting around the office wondering what happened.

It is not a mystery! Spring has sprung and the pent up demand from last year’s hiatus has erupted. Buyers have stepped up and out and they are looking again. The sub-prime fiasco has not impacted everyone. First time buyers are finding out that there is a way. I suppose that I will end all suspense and share the secret

Bank of America

That’s right, just when everyone was beginning to believe that the home of their dreams was beyond their means – Bank of America has risen to the occassion.

I have no ties to the bank. I do not own stock in the bank. I don’t think I have any relatives working for the bank. I just happen to believe that the Bank of America has the best loan program for first time buyers.

Are you concerned that the financing offered you is an 80% first trust and a 15% second with 5% down? Are you concerned that the financing offered you is an 80% first trust with a 20% second and no money down? You should be if that is what is on the table.

Call Bank of America and ask about the program that will finance 97% of the purchase (up to $450,000) with NO PMI. Find out what you can afford. There is a drawback. You actually have to have enough cash to put 3% down. Closing cost can cost you up to another 3%, but they can often be negotiated with the seller.

Before I leave, I just have to say….you need representation. If you have any doubt about whether or not you should talk to me, let me clear it up. You want me on your side of the table when negotiating begins.

My clients become home owners.

Isn’t that what you want to do?


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