My finest gift to Rylee

My grand daughter, Rylee, has an aversion to Santa. Elmo and the Grinch are o.k. Santa was this terrifying man at the mall.

Through a set of circumstances that are to boorish to share, I was asked if I knew anyone that could appear as Santa at my nephews third birthday party. My niece is very conniving and I was pegged for the role.

Adorned in the finest of Santa suits, white beard and hair clad, I appeared. Much to my surprise, I was met with looks of wonder. It is impossible to describe the joy in childrens eyes when they look upon SANTA. They stand 5 feet away and stare, giggling in unison to Santa’s laughter.

I settled in to the chair and greeted them, one at a time, with gifts. Ten minutes into the visit, this little bundle of joy ran up to me and crawled into my lap.

She looked up in awe as I whispered.

“Santa Claus loves you Rylee”

Joy in a grandchild’s heart. There is no greater gift.


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