Windfall profits ?????



Money received which was not expected and not a direct result of something the recipient did.

There are mumurings that those dastardly oil company executives have earned excessive profits because of the rising price of gasoline/oil.  I will agree that the cost of a fill-up is beginning to create this sort of feeling….

It seems like only yesterday, o.k. a lot of yesterday’s, that I was working my way to owning my first car and gas was only about 30 cents a gallon. I think it is amazing that I can remember that, much less use the old guy reference so early in a blog.

I came across the following snap shot and it sort of un-nerved me that the prices seemed so reasonable. The rising prices have left my sense of usual and customary a bit dazed.

The outcry from the public is growing louder everyday. This is outrageous. How can the price of a barrel of oil keep going up? I couple weeks ago, it hit $100 per barrel. Now it is approaching $115. Hmmm, it a gallon of gas costs me $3.50 and it goes up at the same rate…yikes….gas will be over $4.00 per gallon.

It is time for the Government to step in and hold hearings.

It must be those oil companies. Or is there another culprit behind this………

the chinese?????

the residents of India/Pakistan ????

or maybe…..

just maybe ……..


Did we really need that?  or this? 

Did we really ever need these..?  

While I understand the angst of those of us that have to drive to earn a living, and I understand the resentment we feel towards those that are making large sums of money, I don’t see why we should penalize others for our own behavior.  Why do we think that we can pick and choose when supply and demand can come into play? Throughout Europe, they have been paying higher prices for years. Hmmm, what did they do?  They introduced an efficient automobile.

We can spend all our time blaming others, or we can realize that after a long nights rest . . .

We have made our bed….you know the rest…..


One thought on “Windfall profits ?????

  1. You might think based on my other opinions that I am not an environmentalist, but I am.

    I have a more visceral reaction when I hear the Hummer driver complaining about how much it costs to fill up.

    This morning I heard a senator in an interview talk about how wonderful the idea of some presidential candidates was to suspend the federal gas tax for the summer driving season or a few weeks in August.

    $4/gallon will hurt me. But would $3.70 be worth it (if they got rid of the tax temporarily)? No! The only way habits will change is if you let the invisible hand of the market bring back order… like you pointed out in Europe.

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