I don’t have all the answers…just questions

Today is a very special day.

The one on the far right is mine. Well she picked the one on the left ( keep it quiet, he still thinks that he picked her). So, by picking him, he became mine too. Oh, did I mention the tiny one in the center? She showed up about a year after they made their picking legal.

It all started with this………….

Today, the little miracle worker is celebrating one more birthday!  Last night, I thought about all the changes that having her created in my life. I rememer the little girl turning on all the faucets in the public bathroom because she could finally reach them. I remember kittens and cows and horses. I remember the “hamil camel” on roller skates and hiding so she wouldn’t see me watch her compete in gymnastics. I remember singing and driving and laughing. I remember napping with her tucked by my side.

I remember teen age years and boys and makeup and music. I remember jobs and travelling. I remember concerts and parties. I remember the 52 hour road trip for LA to MD. So many memories are etched forever in my heart.

Then there was the day the married. You got to love a man that shows up for his wedding leading a group of Harley riders on his own hog.

So today marks another year of being dad to the most wonderful gift in the world…my little girl…Molly.

I know the joy and responsibility. This morning, watching the news, I just became very confused. I don’t know the truth, but I do know the allegations are frightening.  What are those people down in Texas thinking? Look beyond the homemade dresses and cookie cutter hair styles. If young girls are forced to marry and copulate with the fella’s at an age short of 18, what are they thinking? What sort of warped brain takes a child and uses it for their own pleasure?

Anybody remember little Jon Benet? So many questions go unanswered. I don’t know. I don’t know if her fate was at the hands of a family member or if the decision to pimp her out as a sex symbol at the age of 5 or so led to someone else ending her life. I don’t know. I have to wonder what makes people do that to their children.

You see, today is a happy day for me. I just happened to realize the other side of the coin that exists in every corner of our society. Molly smiles and holds her baby. Molly is probably the most caring and loving mom that I have ever seen. O.K., I am a bit prejudiced. The fellow that showed up on the Harley….he happens to be one hell of a husband and doting dad.

It is a happy day.

Then there are the children that are abused. You see them every day. You just don’t know that you see them. Their bruises may be hidden or they may appear to be the kind of bruises kids get rough housing with one another. Maybe they don’t go out when freshly beaten. They are down the street from you. They are in every community.

There is a very sick disconnect in some adults. They strike out violently against the very people they are supposed to protect. They punch, kick and slap little children.  The violaters come in all shapes, sexes and sizes. They are parents, adoptive parents, step parents and baby sitters. They have many different labels but they are all the same. They are emotionally sick and mentally weak. You work with them and play with them. They smile in public and wreak havoc behind closed doors.

It is a happy day for me. I have been blessed with Molly who picked Jason who together brought Rylee into the world. They are all a reminder of what a beautiful world we live in. They also are a reminder of how bleak the world can be for those little boys and girls that face the physical abuse of a guardian.

For today, I promise I will honor my gift by doing what I can to put an end to the violence and promising that every child I meet will get the respect and love they deserve.

Did I go off on a tangent? ……It’s ok, this is for Molly and she knows me……I am dad….


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