Can you handle the truth?

In 2004 and 2005, the folks that were leading this country realized that the 25 year trickle down theory had run dry. The housing crisis was just beginning to surface. People on Wall Street were grabbing golden parachutes. It was time to face the music. Reagonimics failed. Greenspan failed. Get out of dodge.

Karl told George it was time to let the Democrats take over the House. “Let them deal with the mess in Iraq. Let them try to change our path to doubling the deficit from 5 trillion to 10 trillion dollars. Our money is in the bank. We have provided for our friends on Wall Street. Let Pelosi take the blame.

The democrats took control of the house.

Bush watched his friends and allies leave the government. He sat back in the White House and studied different ways that he could bastardize the constitution before leaving town. He poked and prodded his boy Gonzalez.

He even had him fire folks that disagreed with his direction. It did not matter that they could not be fired legally. He had a young woman vet them and fire them. Then there was that night that poor John Ashcroft laid in a hospital bed and was coerced into signing on extensions of Bush’s trashing our rights.

The damn liberal media kept harping on this stuff. Bush saw his approval rating sinking.

Then along came the posse. He quickly passed the word. None of you want this job. None of you wants to be here when the bottom falls out during the fall of 2008. We are in the tank. We have no money. The war has bled us dry. Still, they came seeking the office.

Look at them. Bush McCain, Thompson, Paul, Romney, Huckabee and Guliani.

One by one they got the message that the RNC wanted no part of the White House in 2008. The word was shared that there was no way they wanted to be in power when the proverbial “shit hits the fan”.

They all got the message.

Except one. Yep, that thorn in Bush’s side. The maverick. The one person the RNC tried to destroy in 2000. The one man that was going to be hung out to dry. You guessed it. John Boy.

Somewhere the thought … “Let Mikey do it” was replaced with “Let McCain do it”. He is an old guy. He won’t realize that he has no party support. He will actually believe he won the nomination. He will actually believe that he has a chance to win. And while we’re at it, let’s throw a bone to the women out there. We can have him pick that wack job in Alaska that upset our RNC apple cart out there. Sure, she dresses like a hockey mom…buy her some lipstick……buy her designer clothes….you betcha.

At this point………..Rove and Bush were in stitches.

Rove finally shared the joke with Dick Cheney

Now, the $700,000 rescue package is in place. Iraq wants us to get the hell out. The dollar is sinking. The stock market is bouncing around like an ADD roller coaster. The housing market is destroyed. Retirement accounts have been obliterated. The auto industry is toast. Chinese products are poisoning our children and animals. There is not much more that could be wrong or go wrong.

Where is the mastermind? What has he to say? America, this one’s for you !

and Bush……………he is laughing all the way to the bank.

The other day, while heading into a meeting with his bankers, he was asked…Mr. President…..what do you have to say to the American People that believed you when you said the Patriot Act was necessary? What do you have to say to those that opposed ending habias corpus? What do you have to say to the parents of the over 4,000 troops that lost their lives in Iraq? What do you say to all of us that believed in you? He just smiled and saluted us.

The RNC does not want the White House. The people that have lived so well for so long have seen the writing on the wall. They are leaving town.

As for the rest of us hard working, joe six pack Americans. We have been treated to the biggest 21 month diversion ever accomplished.

Welcome to the White House Barrack……………………this country is so screwed, you are doomed to failure. I suppose that might be the last of the good ole white boy tricks. Leave a mess that can’t be fixed.

They will be back in 8 years or so with “I told you so.”

Mark it down.


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