Olney Golf Park…making a diffence, one swing at a time


Olney Golf Park is located just south of town on Georgia Avenue. The actual address is on Emory Church Road. It is a short drive for any golfer in the area. There is plenty of free parking.

The Golf Park has a fully stocked pro shop. The staff is well versed in all of the merchandise and there are actually professionals that offer club fitting. Other amenities of pro shops are also offered including club fitting.

It is not a driving range. It was never intended to be a place where folks could just let out the shaft and bang golf balls for thirty minutes. If that is your pleasure, you will be accommodated.

If you want to maintain or improve your game…this training facility is for you!

The above picture gives an overview of the site. You don’t see the large practice putting green. You don’t see the smaller green used for chipping. You don’t see the bunkers for working on sand play. You have to see it to experience it.

The good folks at the Olney Golf Park have a website which is http://www.olneygolfpark.com

Now, there are many that are aware that very quietly, the ownership at the park has offered their facility as an avenue for recreation to our wounded troops recuperating at Walter Reed.  This has been featured in the Army Times http://www.army.mil/-news/2008/05/08/9056-salute-military-golf-helps-wounded-get-back-in-swing/

If golf is your game, you can sharpen all the tools right here in Olney. Your support of the Golf Park will also enable them to continue their support for our troops as they come home.

Now, that with a lower handicap, is a WIN WIN situation.


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