Don’t let the economy or the weather steal your swing…

The economy is downright frightful.

The weather is far from delightful.

Before you let your golf swing go,

maintain your mo,

maintain your mo,

maintain your mo.

Sure, the cold winds of fall have brought an end to our Indian Summer. Don’t let this turn of events to turn the swing you have been working on to mold in mothballs. I have found..The Olney Golf Park. The tee boxes are shielded from the wind on one side and feature heaters (FREE) overhead. The brand new range balls, thankfully yellow, replicate shots seen all summer. The shop has all the gear you might need and it is that “clearance sale” time of the year. I have been seen loading up my car with bargins I discovered on clubs, balls and a fine new pair of Foot Joys.

You can sit back in your easy chair. You can fool yourself into thinking that the Wii will keep your swing grooved. You can chip balls over the couch. You can knock putts across the carpet. You can do all that and then show up next spring.

The folks that spent some of their leisure time at The Olney Golf Park over the winter will be waiting for you. Of course, they will be hoping that you bring your wallet.

This is the latest information from The Olney Golf Park.

News and Updates
Winter Range Ball Cards
30 Day Member Card – $99.99
Save up to $560.00
• Hit up to 60 Large Buckets in 30 days for less than $100.00!
• This card is valid for 30 consecutive days from the date of purchase.
• Maximum of 2 Buckets per Day

Winter Member Card – $250.00
• Receive a 50% discount on Range Balls at the machine.
• $250.00 Savings.
• There are no restrictions on the use of this card. Use it over the next 4 months or all in one weekend; your choice.
• This Card Expires on March 15, 2009

50% OFF
Winter Lesson Series
Take advantage of the off season!
3 Lesson Series – ½ OFF the Regular Lesson Rate.

Teaching Professional Brendan Horton
3 Lesson Series $105.00
Normally $70.00 / 45 Minute Lesson

Head Professional Dayne Bulloch
3 Lesson Series $120.00
Normally $80.00 / 45 Minute Lesson

PGA/LPGA Professional Liza Abood
3 Lesson Series $120.00
Normally $80.00 / 45 Minute Lesson
Liza will be Unavailable for lessons between January 1st and February 22nd

PGA Director of Instruction Jim Estes
3 Lesson Series $165.00
Normally $110.00 / 1 Hour Lesson
All Lessons must be completed by March 15th 2009

Relieve Your Stress at Olney Golf Park.
Beating our new Range Balls is good for the Mind, Body and Soul .
Hang in there!


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