Do you dare share thanks and pain?

I try to be thankful everyday. I fail. I think that being thankful everyday is akin to godliness. There is so much going on that I am guilty of getting wrapped up in the minute and overlooking the hour. Just going through the last week or so has my head spinning.

 I drove to South Carolina. Gas prices seemed to fall with every exit I passed. Now, I remember last summer vividly. Gas prices passed $4 per gallon. The impact of the increase was felt across the nation. I was convinced that prices would come down, but I never thought I would see prices go below $3.25 per gallon again.

 I was wrong. Prices are now just below $2 per gallon. I am thankful, but I am also damn confused. I don’t understand and the rapid descent has jarred me.

 Mortgage rates were rising again in the early fall. I looked at the landscape, the tightening of credit and felt sure that rates would pass 7% by years end. This morning, I read that rates are now around 5.5%. I am thankful, but I am also damn confused. I don’t understand and the rapid descent has jarred me.

So, rather than dwell on my latest culture shock, I thought I should focus on something that I do understand.

I have mentioned that I am a dad. I have been sworn to secrecy regarding the exact number of years ago that a little bundle of joy…we name Molly….came into our lives.

Now, other dads will relate. A daughter is a joy and a terror to raise. Babies are sweet, little girls are a delight but the years that follow are filled with angst and ajida. When a young girl travels from teen to young lady to young woman, a dad rides a roller coaster filled with terrifying memories of his own past, the designs of every young male and the pitfalls that your daughter seems oblivious to.

 My little Molly fell in and out of “this is the real thing” love faster than the Dow Jones has gone up and down in recent weeks. God love her she had signs from zodiac, karma, stars, and the supreme being. She was star crossed, dazzled and bamboozled. She was the life of the party and queen of her house. She fell hard and then when the suitor failed to pass muster…she moved on quickly.

 Then, lord I can not believe I am sharing this….encouraged by her best friend and confidante (Michele…I know you are the one), she left a note on a fancy motorcycle asking the owner to give her a call.


He did…………..


Jason and Molly

If you have any knowledge of country music, ponder the song “A country boy can survive.” That was my first impression of Jason. He lived out in the country is a very nice home. He had motorcycles and four wheelers. He shared his home with Josie. Josie was his dog. He like to hunt and well, listen to Merle, Hank, Waylon and Willie….

 He took my princess under his wing and made her a queen. They dated and married. I remember the wedding day as he led a caravan of bikers to the chapel. He was quiet and aloof and doted on my baby girl.

 Molly moved into the house in the country with Jason and Josie.

His world changed. Oh, he shared rides with Molly, but they became fewer and farther between. He enjoyed rip roaring good times with friends at parties at their home. He followed Notre Dame football with a passion. I discovered that my daughter had married a damn good man. He loved his wife and his dog.

 In the years that followed, Molly and Jason became parents of the sweetest little bundles of joy I could imagine. My grand daughters Rylee and Erin. Jason stepped up to the plate and became a great husband and dad. Josie was there through all the changes.


Erin and Rylee

How could one not stop and be thankful everyday? I am guilty of not always realizing how fortunate I am that Molly left that note. I have grown to not only appreciate this Jason fellow, I have discovered that he has garnered a very special place in my heart.

 I share all this so you, the reader can maybe understand, that Jason is a quiet, decent, wonderful dad to my grandchildren and kind, loving, caring, attentive husband to my daughter. He is the caretaker to the most important people in my world.

Last night, my country boy lost Josie. His faithful companion for years before Molly lost her battle with old age. His side kick, that willingly shared the home with Molly will not be chasing rabbits anymore. His dog, that stood watch over my grandchildren had to be put to sleep. I hope most of you understand the relationship a man has with his dog.

One more time, his world has changed. He is much too grief stricken to give thanks for the years he had with his dog, his pet, his sidekick. He will have to put on the “dad happy face” for the children. He will have to be strong for my Molly. I hope he understands that sometimes being husband and father sucks. It just does.

I love Jason and I shed more than one tear last night. I know the pain. I am thankful for him. I am blessed at the many things he has added to my life. He is a good man. He is not a big computer guy. I don’t think he has email. Molly does.

If you care about a stranger that has made your world better just by being who he is, if you have a moment today or if you don’t mind taking just a minute, could you send him a note via my Molly’s email? I am not trying to diminish the other events that go on. I just hope a few of you can send him a note of condolence.

He really is a special man.

  Thanks…I hope your holiday is special.


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