Take me for a ride in your car..car …..

This used to be the way people searched for a new home.

Mom and Dad would gather up their brood and walk down the street to the home with the for sale sign. Communities grew. Walking around town just didn’t do it anymore.

We progressed


Newspapers began to carry “homes for sale”. Sunday morning would be spent circling the possible choices. Mom and Dad would load the brood into the car and begin a journey from house to house.

Sure, there were real estate agents available. Back in the day, they had books filled with mimeographed pages. They kept the information about their listings behind closed doors and the general public did not have easy access to the homes that were for sale.

Early Real Estate Agent


Now this system came to a crashing halt when the internet opened the doors of information to anyone with a computer. Every listing could be found on line. As a matter of fact, there were hundreds upon hundreds of sites that offered the opportunity to view listings. Those sites still exist today. The majority of agents offer access to the MLS on their personal sites.

Seems like progress.

But a funny thing happened driving around looking at homes. There were more homes for sale than the most meticulous searcher could find on the computer.

If you wanted, you could have your agent ride around with you. If you agent was worth their salt, they could access information about homes you missed on your search.

This is 2013. We have just gone through a whirlwind of price adjustments. Most people looking for a home are not prepared to tour a house for 10 minutes and decide………this is the one…..let’s buy it. At least, I hope no one is still buying a home that way. Now, some agents will say, don’t worry, if we miss something, a home inspection will uncover it. Really, and how many home inspections do those agents think you want to pay for?

It would seem to me, that a lot of folks want to do the search on their own. They want to sort of wander and get a sense of a neighborhood and then see some houses. Some of them go to open houses. That decision limits them to touring homes on Sundays between 1 and 4 and limits them to the homes that are being held open.

What about all the rest?

This old dog has a new trick !


What if your agent had every listing that met your search criteria with him? What if you could just sit down in a Starbucks and review potential homes in the area?  Adding a 15 minute or 30 minute stop at the beginning of your tour could narrow down the potential homes and eliminate some that are either under contract overnight or not really available for viewing. Ipads and cell phones can be used quite effectively to alter plans at the last minute. You might even be the first to see a home that just came on the market!

For some of us, the days of sitting around a computer monitor looking at listings with clients has been replaced by making sure potential buyers have information delivered to their inbox daily. (Some of us have the ability to provide information that is updated every twenty minutes (see: FranklyMls.com).

My clients know the benefit of using that beginning 15-30 minutes to their advantage. We check and re-check and then I make the necessary calls. Then we head out, my clients in the privacy of their car and me right behind (WAZE is such a great GPS)




Pretty cool, huh?

There is a reason that all agents are not the same. There is a reason that if you look closely, you will see why my clients feel they get service that is above the standards in the industry. I put their needs first.

Times have changed. You can text me at 301-509-5111. I understand your desire to have me around when you need me. I’ll be there.

In an industry filled with look alikes, JMac isn’t hard to find!

My name is John MacArthur. I am a full time Realtor. I can be reached at 301-509-5111

I approve this message.


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