Like a butterfly . . .


The night air is turning cooler in the mid-atlantic region.  The early autumn warm winds have turned cool as we move closer to Halloween.  It is a great time to get outdoors and spend a little time with Mother Nature as she sheds her summer wardrobe and prepares us for the fall.

There is much to be learned from a walk in the park.  It is the time of the year when mums strut their stuff. Each plant preening for just one more visit from the butterfly.  Most of the butterflys have gone. A wiser man than I might know where they go. I just enjoy them

They don’t seem to fly……no, they flit………from here to there and back again. One day they are here and then….gone again.

I was just sitting on a rock, watching the last butterfly of the season. I thought …. one small creature creating so much beauty and grace as it moves through it’s own life cycle.

I realized that love is like that butterfly.  It shows up and dazzles you with beauty and grace. You sit in wonder. You enjoy every movement. Days can be spent pondering the ease with which it captures your spirit.

Then the fall comes, as it must.  The butterfly is gone.

It was never yours anyway.

Butterflies, like love, are to be enjoyed for the moment.  They should never be taken for granted.  They should never be expected to more than they are…………butterflies.  Love is the same.

Don’t despair………fall will turn to winter and winter will turn to spring.  Spring will bring flowers and if you are lucky, a butterfly again.


This too shall pass . . .


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