Welcome Aboard! … the “for your eyes only” blog

“Paris, Now and Then”

(wc on 300# arches paper)


Your life, my life, the neighbor’s life and the world around us all combine to create days filled with ups and downs.  Oh, we probably spend more time on the level spots, but when life happens…..it is like a roller coaster.

I am a real estate agent.  O.K., the National Association of Realtors prefer that I call myself a Realtor.  Fair enough.  I do pay my annual dues and when I joined I promised to uphold their code of Ethics.  I have been an artist much longer. It has been my life’s passion. (That’s one of mine up there at the top of this blog.) You?  You could come from any walk of life.  Visitors to my blog include other agents, folks in the mortgage industry, major news publications as well as Doctors, Lawyers and an occasional Indian Chief.

I love this venue.  Admission is free and the only requirement is the desire to read.  The content here will not follow any discernible pattern.  I might share information about the Home Buyers Tax Credit one day and the next post a personal entry about my life, my love, my children or the pain of being a sports fan in the Nations Capital. At other times, I just might share a new piece of my art.  I use this little spot to expose me.

I believe a stronger bond is formed when two sides have something in common.  I will not deny, my goal is to present myself to those of you that do not know me and might be in need of my services.  I do my best work when there is a comfort level between me and my clients.

So, scroll through the offerings.  If you have a specific question, well you can send an email, (email address – macarthurgroup@gmail.com . If you like it, you can even share with a friend.

You can search by using categories or terms. Or you can be brave and read every entry. It is your blog.

If nothing else, welcome aboard and enjoy the ride


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