They save horses don’t they…

My niece saves horses. She is an artist. She and her husband bought a farm and now, they save horses. The farm is Rosemary Farm. It has become a haven for castaway horses and chickens, an occasional cat or two and friends and colleagues that need a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

They pour all their resources into care, feeding and creating a good environment for horses they rescue.

This is a snap shot

for better viewing go here

Today, two horses are on their radar.

I don’t know much about horses.  These seem to be like a nice pair that deserve to live out their life. The horses will become dog food if they can not raise around $1,000. I sent $100. If you can help, follow the link, send what you can. I know that the world has been rocked by natural disasters. I know many of us have reached in our pocket and donated money. I know it probably is not a good time to ask.

The horses don’t have time. The deadline is tonight at 8pm.  Deadline is an appropriate term. Any money raised will go to the pay off of the slaughter house, transportation to the farm and care of these two and the other horses that have already been saved. I told my niece you can’t save them all. She answered, I know, but I can save these two now and worry about the rest tomorrow.

I love my niece and I am very proud that she has set aside personal goals and made this farm her personal statement. I am not begging, but I am begging.


Oh, if you missed the link above….here is again  DONATE


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