List with us for 5%…Why pay more for less?

Times Change

A sign of the times

Neighborhoods all across the area have been impacted by the astronomical increase in short sales.  These bargin basement bailouts may be good for the upside down homeowner unloading the house he never should have attempted to purchase, but what about the rest of you.  What about the folks that put money down and kept paying their mortgage as the world crumbled around them.  They may have been in the home 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. They have seen their equity nest egg vanish in a matter of months.

These pillars of our society are now faced with trying to sell a home in a market that will not bring the returns it may have brought a few short years ago.  These are the people that followed the rules.  They have been the backbone of their neighborhoods. They are taking the unfair hit.

There was a time when the prevailing thought was everyone had to pay 6% when they listed their home.  It is not a rule. Brokers never agreed upon that figure. It just seemed to be where the cost of selling a home and a small profit for the agent seemed to fall.  We have always wondered about this.  It is the way business is practiced in most areas.  There have been brokers that offer a different model. They offer a fee based system that is sort of  a la cart.  The seller is provided with options and they can pick and choose which service they would like and they pay the corresponding fee.

Let me get this straight, homeowners bring in a professional, ask their advice and then are left to choose from a menu.  What is the function of the professional? A damn monkey can carry a menu!

Well we have reviewed the market and determined that we can offer a full service listing for 5% (plus the market wide broker servicing fee of $345).*

You see, we get it. You may not get as much for your home as you hoped. You might be a little tight on the transaction. Well, we have cut our portion of the commission you pay in half.  We still offer 2.5% to an agent that brings a buyer. We still market you home the same way.  We just think that it is only fair that we share the pain.


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* This offer is not available for home owners that are in a short sale position. The cost of managing short sale transactions makes us unable to offer this service to those home owners.


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