Really, you really believe that ???

It is the end of another year. I suppose I could share wisdom regarding real estate. Then again, there are more articles floating around than any of you might care to read.  I will get this out of the way, real estate is beyond local. Real estate is personal. Your situation is really all that matters. If you need to buy or sell or rent, you situation should be evaluated based on your facts. General observations are rarely on target.

Now, a few random thoughts about things in general. Oh, the family is fine, no better or worse than any other. We have our share of ups and downs but we remain family. There isn’t much beyond that anyway. We try. Sometimes we succeed and other times we fail, but we always move forward.

Turmoil. That might be the best word to describe the year.  Globally, one tribe is killing another in lots of different places. Nothing new there, I guess I am just tired of all the pain and suffering created in the name of this God or that God.  At some point, humanity will have to accept that too much of the crusty soil on the surface of this mortal coil is soaked in innocent blood. To what end?

When the original framers of the Constitution came up with the phrase “We the people”, they were immigrants. The majority of the land mass was still waiting exploration. Exploitation soon followed.

Today, we have seen the country grow and become more tolerant. We no longer have slaves and for 50 years the country has attempted to be more inclusive of those ethnic groups that once were slaves. Descendants of slaves and descendants of slave owners now live and work side by side.

Of course, the haters have to have a target and the new “nigga” is the Latino. People born in Mexico, Central America and South America have been cast as the demons. Some have shared that these evil interlopers have come to steal our jobs and others have come to bleed our social services dry.

Really. You really believe that?  You hear the phrase 12 million undocumented residents attached to any problem and you really believe it. If you were to travel to any small town in Mexico, Central America or South America, do you really think you would find legions of people plotting to sneak into this country and steal jobs?

That entire thought process is asinine. People are pretty much the same everywhere.  They are born. Some become parents. They all struggle to survive. They walk dirt roads. They work in fields. They struggle. They want to provide for the ones they love. At some point, they here of this great land of opportunity. Maybe they see one of those thousand points of light George Bush mentioned.  Whatever the reason, the United States is portrayed as a place where you can go and if you work hard, you can provide for those you love.

That’s why they come.

But you really believe that anyone would risk their life traveling trails in the dark of night just to get here and steal your job or milk your social systems? Do your actually believe that anyone, anywhere sits and dreams of shoveling your manure all day? Do you really think that the ambition is to be a helper on a trash truck?  They come and take these jobs because few, if any residents here want to do them. They are not seeking a career, they are looking to build a life.

They are foreigners in a cold land. They do not speak the language well and they are derided for that lapse. They live every day with the fear that in a flash, they will be sent back to the land of their birth. They contribute to this economy every day. They contribute to our infrastructure every day.

Yet, there are some that really believe they represent our biggest problem.

Then you have me. I think the bigger problem is the fact that our homes now need small bedroom size closets to handle the wardrobes we find necessary. I think the bigger problem is we continue to fill landfills with our discards, not because they are worthless, no, we have purchased a newer and shinier model. I think it is a bigger problem that rather than face the reality that we are running out of potable water in the world and we are burning through every natural resource to fuel our lifestyle, we sit back and watch million dollar participants chase balls on grass fields and hardwood courts.

Maybe next year, we will all sit back and accept there is one planet and one species of people and actually learn to get along.

Really? I doubt it.

Happy New Year


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