What you see and what you get…the inside scoop

JMac (John MacArthur) is only half the package. His better half (Lourdes Tudela-MacArthur) completes it. The best way to describe them is to share that in the picture of your journey through a real estate transaction, they are the nail in the wall  that supports you and frame that narrows your focus. OK, they like to have fun as well

You’ve done a lot of homework. You have searched for homes on line. You have researched neighborhoods on the internet. You were probably surprised at how much information was available.  Information is necessary when making a decision.  Too much information or conflicting information is a problem that most home buyers and home sellers face.

How do you sort through the data and come up with an accurate picture?

We have access to the same data that you see.  We are able to put the information together in an easy to understand picture that will make your purchase of a home, sale of a home or relocation to this area go much more smoothly.

We go beyond the usual “here is a link to the school system“, “here is a link to access the crime data” and “here are the latest statistics regarding the cost of homes“.  We understand that you don’t need us for that information. It is our experience and ability to interpret the data that is valuable. It is one thing to know what it is and quite another to know how it impacts your decisions.

We listen to you

We may not be a young, married couple (anymore), but we have raised five children in this area and we understood the challenges young couples face when they are buying a home. We leverage our understanding with your needs to help you in your real estate journey. For instance, if you aren’t sure about how kid-friendly a certain property might be; when we  look at it, we will make sure to point out how small children might interact with the property.  While you are salivating over the stainless steel appliances, we will be making sure that it is easy to keep an eye on the kids while you cook.  If on the other hand, you are not sure about seasonal maintenance, we will make sure that you understand what is necessary and that you have a plan to follow. Buying a home has to involve a focus on what it will be like living in that home. Your eyes see today, our experience sees tomorrow and beyond.

You will get honest answers

If you have questions (and you will), we will give  you honest answers. Will they be biased? Of course they will. Our focus will be sharing with you the realities of each home. You are not just a source of income. Your success and happiness is our goal. The right home often does not cost as much as the home that dazzles you. Our longevity is a testimony to our preferred style. Anyone can find a house, we find clients homes.

We are flexible and accessible

One of the many advantages of working with a husband and wife team is our flexibility and accessibility. If John isn’t available, Lourdes is – and vice versa. It means there’s never a delay in responding to your phone call or email – and scheduling showings is a breeze. You receive valuable input from two perspectives and have twice as many people listening to your dreams.

No pressure

We have shown some clients three homes and they found what they were seeking.  We have shown clients as many as 100 homes before they found the right one. We have helped people in one day and we have worked months.  There is no set rule.  When you find the right home, you find the right home. We provide relevant background on homes you see, we let you explore each home and answer any questions you have about the house or the area. Every house that is not the right one provides us with a little more data in seeking the ONE.  No push back here, we are working with you and for  you in the search.

We understand the market, right down to the neighborhood level

After a few showings and some conversations, we usually get totally dialed in to what your looking for. We know which neighborhoods can deliver on your criteria and which cannot. We have lived here and raised a family here. Our experience living here is much more valuable than someone that has just read about the area. Everyone knows that a map may show how to get from point A to point B, but the knowledge gained from actually travelling the route and discovering pot holes, short cuts and regular traffic back ups is more useful in planning a less stressful trip.

That Brand Factor

One of the things that we have discovered after a decade of doing this for a living was that franchise and brand may not be important to those inside the industry, the public perception is quite different.   You see, every agent in this area has to be a Realtor. It is not some high and mighty designation. It only means we all pay dues (there is a lot of legal mumbo jumbo behind this, but it is true).  Big names are not better for clients. The public’s perception of big names  give them an appearance of validity. In reality, the best agent for a consumer is the agent that listens and is a working with a well known broker. The bottom line in any transaction should be is the consumer satisfied (at the best price). We provide service and we don’t charge unnecessary fees. We don’t pass through bogus costs and we are independent and have managed to fashion a detente with our broker.

Every consumer is free to choose. Some go with the name brand, some go with Uncle Bill.  While we are proud to represent Century 21 New Millennium, we hope you decide to choose the person (us), not the company.

We don’t just read about this area. We live here and understand that how long it will take you to get to and from work will impact every other aspect of your new home.  We understand the importance of grocery shopping,  service stations, auto mechanics and even home cleaning.  We do not discount the value in knowing where you can get good pizza or the short cuts that will save you travel time on the roads. It is the little things that will impact your life.  We research and prepare personalized information for every client we represent. Experience makes a difference.

We invite you to “Experience the Difference.”




4 thoughts on “What you see and what you get…the inside scoop

    • Hi JMac,

      Dear friend… it has been forever… Just thought of you today and thought I would look you up. Hope things are well. Maybe we can chat via email and catch up been a long time since the Housevalues days. Talk to you soon

      Sherry Daminski
      Principal Broker/ Team Leader
      Keller Williams Realty Stafford, VA

  1. Dear JMac,

    Mergenhagen Homes works with Realtors and Property Owners to restore or renovate properties before or after a sale. We have established a reputation for high quality, professional and reliable services. We offer comprehensive services that are specifically designed to cater to your particular construction, remodel or restoration requirements, including; design, construction and maintenance services. I would like to be added to your preferred venders list and discuss any projects that you might have that we could work together on. From complete new construction to restoration, renovations and exciting updates to existing properties, Mergenhagen Homes is uniquely qualified and poised to meet your varied construction needs from foundation to chimney cap.
    We are committed to a full-service approach and are ready to provide you with effective, obtainable solutions that look great and give back to the property owner. Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me with any questions that you may have. We look forward to working with you in the future.

    Thank you for your consideration and best regards,

    John McKee
    Building Confidence in MD, D.C., and VA.

    Mergenhagen Homes, LLC.
    20310 Georgia Avenue
    Brookeville, MD 20833
    (MHIC #87234)

  2. John:
    I enjoyed meeting you and your lovely wife this afternoon at the Picnic. I enjoy talking about politics and world events with people even when we don’t agree on everything.
    JIm King

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